Pro Se Divorce Mediation
Divorce is a major life transition that affects almost every area of your life. My goal is to help you and your spouse so that you can move into the next phase on amicable terms.

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Document Preparation
A Stress-Free Divorce can prepare all Your Court documents saving you thousands in the process.

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Mediation Services for Attorneys
Does mediation it makes sense for your client? To find read more about our services.

Daytona Beach's Attorney and Certified Family Law Mediator

I am Garrick Fox an Attorney and Certified Family Law Mediator offering Pro Se Divorce Mediation and Document Preparation services in Daytona Beach.  My mission is to aid people to make their divorce less stressful and reasonably priced.  I will prepare all divorce documents necessary to file with the Court to finalize your divorce. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, we can proceed to mediation. At that a mediation session, I strive to create a safe environment to empower you and your spouse to divorce on amicable decisions and settle terms. In addition, I offer post-judgment child custody and time-sharing (visitation) mediation, as well. For more information, please contact me today.


Our clients' peace of mind is what matters to us.

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A Stree Free Divorce

Garrick N. Fox, Mediator and Attorney

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